Generala Milojka Lešjanina 7a

Meeting room

Meet your partners or hold your business gatherings in the comfort of our corporate business meeting rooms we have to offer in The Regent Club. With outstanding assistance and our determined customer service of our meetings and events team we will make sure that your business gathering will be one to remember. This is the place where, undisturbed, you can have business and private gatherings.

You will find extraordinary design, new furniture setup, accompanied with beautiful views on the outside and very pleasant ambient inside, perfect spot for any of your dates. It is suitable for both, individual or small group meetings. It is furnished with tables, chairs and wireless internet capability. Additional assets can be provided at your needs and requests. Our meeting room is a pleasure place to be, whether it’s a short term meeting with your partners or a long discussion panel. We take care that you and your partners feel conformable and enjoy your stay in there. We can help you with any kind of setup or number of guests, your special requests and we can set up an ambience at your will.

In our meeting room you can find all the basic assets for this kind of events already prepared, but our staff is more than happy to help you about any kind of coordination needed to make your meetings successful.

We can also provide coffee breaks and snacks during meeting breaks, or we can provide full scale catering if needed, including sandwiches and any kind of drinks. Our meeting room is smoking free area. If you need any of meeting rooms booking, feel free to ask at the reception desk or any member of The Regent Club staff to help you with booking it in advance. If you need to book facility for more consecutive days and schedules, please be aware that you need to provide us with all necessary info prior to meeting dates.
For any kind of presentations, trainings or meetings with larger number of partners, feel free to use The Regent Club conference room instead.